Guidelines for Members

Relationships with Internationals

•ACMI members shall respect the dignity of individuals and be sensitive to their needs as internationals.  Members will refer special problems of international students to the appropriate campus officials.

•Members shall be forthright in the publication of any program intended for internationals.  An accurate description of the purposes of any program of activity shall be included.  Events which are publicized to be only social shall be just that, whereas events with religious content shall be clearly identified as such. 

•When members share their faith with internationals there shall be no coercion to change their religious beliefs.  Members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the ethical standard outlined in the 1993 NAFSA/Association of International Educators Code of Ethics, particularly section 10:

Members with responsibilities in Community Organizations working with Foreign Students and scholars shall:

•Make certain that organizations providing programs for foreign students and scholars have a clear statement of purpose and responsibility, so that all parties can know what is expected of them.

•Accurately portray their services and programs, making clear the identity, the intent, and the nature of the sponsoring organization of each particular event or service.

•Provide appropriate opportunities to observe and to join in mutual inquiry into cultural differences.

•Provide adequate orientation for volunteers and participants in community programs so that they may understand each other and may interact constructively.  The organization should make clear that surreptitious, deceptive, or coercive proselytizing is unacceptable. 

Relations to other ACMI Members

Members shall be expected to communicate and cooperate with others who offer services and plan programs for internationals, seeking to avoid unnecessary duplication and competition.  Members shall be expected to resolve any differences or conflicts using biblical guidelines.